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You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about J&C Auto Service:

As always, J&C is professional and concerned with the best options for my safety. They are honest in their estimates. Always completely satisfied with J&C!

Joel B.

Brought vehicle in for regular maintenance. Also asked them to switch one tire with the spare. It turns out to be a major task because several lug nuts froze to the wheel and wouldn't move no matter what they tried. It took several hours but they finally got the lugs off. And then they charged $10 labor for the entire service. That's incredible.. The labor it self should have been much more.. But they are fair and treat you right.

Pete S.

Outstanding service, one on one attention to repair/service needs.

Frank B.

J & C people are great.

Linda S.

Every time I have brought my car here, I have gone over and above what was required to get me safely back on the road in a timely manner. I highly recommend these guys!

Henry W.

I highly recommend this shop. They have been my go-to auto repair shop for about 2 years now and I can trust them highly. Never regret working with them!

Joseph B.

Friendly and reliable. Gets the job done right.

Stacy R.

Friendly, honest, efficient.

Natalia B.

Greater Service, very skilled and thorough Mechanics: Excellent customer service, highly skilled and thorough mechanics, trustworthy shop that won’t b.s. you about your needed repairs. They are honest and always go the extra mile for their customers. I drive a long ways to use this shop even though there are dozens much closer to home. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!

Doug J.

J&C found the issues with my Honda and repaired at a reasonable cost with professional service. Always courteous and friendly, nice service in picking up and dropping off my car.

Bob A.

The guys and gals at J C AUTO are wonderful. They care about their customers. They answer all my question, All the guys there are trustworthy, fair prices only Mechanics I trust.

Tracy K.

Fixed my "Service Engine Soon" problem: The guys were able to diagnose the problem and fix it in less than 1/2 hour...and for no charge! Once again, they came through and helped us out.

Bob P.

These guys always treat me right and repair exactly what is needed. As a woman, I always feel respected and not taken advantage of.

Karen E.

Work well done at a fair price! J & C is the place to take your car for service. The people are friendly, professional and the work they do fixes the problem. I called on a Friday because some knucklehead (me) had broken the windshield wiper off our 2001 VW. They found the part and by the end of the day the car was fixed, along with the oil change I asked them to do. Great people, work well done and pricing that is fair.

David D.

Friendly honest customer service! J & C is a great service provider. They listen to my needs and never make me feel wrong for my concerns. They are efficient and friendly.


Always accommodating! I stopped in yesterday to show them a problem I was having with my gun indicators. They looked at it and fixed it on the spot. I was in and out in about a half hour.

Cheryl M.

J&C always does a great job. They are people that you can trust to do high quality work at fair prices.

Joel C.

I ALWAYS call J&C for anything with my car. Had issues starting my car and Mike sent out a tow truck to bring it in...the battery cables were built up and needed to be cleaned, jumped the car, drove it over to Odgen Ave and good as new....Thanks!

Bob N.

J&C Auto delivers the nicest and quickest service! I went in today around 4:00 pm and they fixed my tail light and gave a free battery check (one of the perks from their rewards program). I went with no appointment and they had it done in no time. I highly recommend them.

Wendy H.

Good communication and record-keeping.

Linda S.

I came in for an oil change, but I asked the guys to check out another issue I recently came across in the car. They not only checked it out, but they recommended other services they told me I should get to keep the car running (it's a 14-year-old Mitsubishi). I appreciated that they are also conscious about our wanting to keep it running for as long as possible.

Bob P.

Once again, the guys took great care of us. We have 2 older vehicles, and 1 that's only 2 years old (and just got out of warranty) that we bring/will be bringing to their shop. They always check everything out and let us know if there are any other issues we didn't know about or expect. That's why we've been able to keep our older vehicles running, and that's what will keep the new one running, for many years!

Bob P.

J&C has for many years been a great service provider and has kept our older cars (2001, 2006 and 2007) in good running order.

Kevin D.

Everyone at J&C is so friendly and helpful in getting our car repaired quickly and putting us back safely on the road.

Karen R.

Appointment time was kept and staff is beyond exceptional. The addition of outside bench is very much appreciated.

Pat B.

I love having you take care of my little Yaris. You guys always do a great job and I trust you so much!

Marie M.

Work always done with excellence and in a timely matter.

Cheryl M.

I took my car to Meineke next door and they wanted to charge me an outrageous price to fix my brakes. My dad and I decided to walk over to tow place and they told us they could do it for almost half the price.

Patrick W.

Great service, reasonable prices.

John B.

Battery went dead and only a specialized battery would work. They got the battery installed quickly even when I didn't have an appointment. Always great service!

Mark A.

Great service. Always courteous and accurate service.

Jamee L.

The Towing Service and all auto repairing service in J&C Auto Service are The Best. I believe that personally!

Susan F.

Have relied on J&C for many years to service my vehicles and have always been satisfied with their kindness and automobile expertise.

Bette G.

The guys once again did a great job of fixing our old Mitsubishi, which, this time, had the doors sticking shut. They took the time to fix it right and they were kind enough to charge for only 2 hours of labor for what turned out to be a very laborious job.

Robert P.

I appreciate, as always, the excellent quality of service I get from the folks at J & C. Joe was willing to drop me off at home right away (since the work was going to take several hours to complete) and I appreciated his willingness to do so himself vs. him having someone else in the shop do so.

Robert P.

Honest, knowledgeable and service oriented. The men at J&C Auto are very accomodating and knowledgeable. I trust their work and feel confident that they are honest with the work that needs to be done and not done.

James W.

Never have to worry about work done. It is always EXCELLENT. Very nice, personable staff, advise what was found that needs to be done, does no work without your approval.

Wendy S.

We ALWAYS go to J&C for our automotive needs. Purchased a new car and needed to see if it was a quality vehicle. Who else would I ask....J&C!!!!! Car was in great shape so we bought it and now J&C will keep it running for years to come....thank guys...

Bob N.

I received an explanation about the services completed on my car. I left with confidence that the job was well done.

Gloria C.

We are always thankful for the quality of work that J & C does for our family. Joe and Mike are always very courteous, polite and friendly to us. We feel like there are family to us. we can always rely of them in time of need.

Vince & Pat M.

Even though I no longer have the car they serviced for me, J&C Auto went above and beyond to help me fix some of the issues with the car I had. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new place to go to, which was what I did. I wish I had found them sooner.

Jennifer B.

I came to these guys with my family for alignment of my car tires. These people were very fast and professional and most of all very friendly. Highly recommend them.

Jennifer D.

Took my car for alignment at this auto repair shop and the service was great. Quick service and very reasonable prices.

Lawrence M.

This team for providing great service for my car. They did a great job in identifying what the issue was and providing me with the best possible solution.

Samantha W.

Always excellent service, no matter what the problem.

John P.

It is so nice to have a car repair facility that you can trust totally and that's J&C!

Sonia L.

The folks at J&C always do a great job for us. They are professional and very helpful. They seem to really care about their customers.

Ron B.

The J&C team is always excellent. My vehicles have been serviced there for 20 years. I finally sold my van at 15 years old even though it was running just fine thanks to the excellent work from J&C over its lifetime. My current vehicle is 7 years old, 88k miles, and runs like the day I bought it because the J&C team makes that happen.

Joel C.

Good customer service. Honest prices. Hard to find in this industry. Call in advance they are usually booked because of these reasons.

Mark S.

Very reliable and knowledgeable. Great service and great prices. Highly recommended

Jose S.

We appreciate the professional service we receive.

Jane B.

I have been going to J&C Auto for 28 years. The staff has always provided great auto/customer service

Jeremy H.

I was told what my car needed and that is what was done. No added surprises at the end. The work was done in a timely matter.

Keith K.

..I know every time I visit J&C, the job is completed with no concern of quality issues...may it be an oil change, which this visit was for, or for more serious service issues...I have no worries of not having my car fixed... thanks

Bob N.

You had worked with me to get vehicle back on the road so I could finish my snow plowing of my neighbors. Been a customer of J&C since 1970 and recommended J&C to many of my friends when they asked if I knew of a reliable auto mechanic who is fair and honest.

Tom R.

Thank you for seeing me promptly and giving me rides back and forth to the shop.

Daniel H.

Service is always Great

Paul H.

They handled the problem I had promptly with a next-day appointment, and as usual answered the questions I asked. Joe also gave clear instructions about requirements for the EPA testing and will confirm that when I check in before I go to the testing station.

James N.

Great place with knowledgeable and professional staff. Works with customer for best solution. Honest, friendly and most afforadble.

Jerry H.

I have tried many service shops for my various card. About 10 years ago I took one of my kids card to J&C when a long time customer of theirs recommended them. I now take all our cars to be serviced by them. There simply is no one better. They are great at servicing current needs and giving you recommendations for future proactive maintenance. I now trust them with all of our vehicles. You will be thrilled with the service and value you receive!

Patty D.

Honest, competent service as always.

Pete F.

Work was done in the time frame promised.

Cheryl M.

Great experience. Customer service as good as can be desired from an auto repair facility. I had a very difficult issue with my vehicle that required multiple visits to fully diagnose. I was treated with a respect and friendly nature that is normally not found in the industry. I was not nickel and dimed with every change like some nearby competitors had done. Thank you J&C! I will recommend your business whenever I have the opportunity!

Tim E.

Service was very good. Never a surprise when you pick up your car.

Paul C.

Quality service, friendly and reliable staff.

Mary K.

Everything was perfect.

Joel C.

Friendly service.

Rebecca C.

We appreciated being able to get an appointment so quickly!

Jane B.

J&C Auto provides outstanding service! Many times I have called Mike to see if someone can check a sensor light and was told "sure drive your car right over." Other repair stations would have told me to make an appointment. Not J&C Auto, they treat their customers like family! I've recommended J&C to my family and friends who need a reliable, dependable and honest car repair service. My only hope is that when I move back to Champaign, I can find an auto repair like yours.

Carol G.

The guys at J&C have great integrity and that is so important for a repair shop. With the number of competitors in the area J&C really stands out. I have gone to other places and I come back to J&C because I trust them. I have had an issue that has been a real difficult nut to crack and they have diligently worked on it without question.

Maureen E.

I have been a customer of J & C for the past few years...both my vehicle and my daughter's. I have found them to be straight with me on what absolutely needs to be addressed, and on what is not critical. Mike is always quick to update me on the status, they have never performed an unauthorized repair, and they have stood behind their work. A good company that I will continue to patronize.

David H.

I don't trust anybody but J & C Auto with our cars. Everyone there really cares about making our cars safe. The friendliest, most polite, knowledgeable group of people you could know.

Tracey K.

Always honest, great recommendations, towing, pickup and drop off locally. Good people.

Melissa H.

As a single woman, it's good to know an auto repair shop exists where I know I will receive reasonably priced, timely, reliable service! This shop is run by honest mechanics who have integrity and are true to their estimates.

Debbie B.

Excellent service...reasonable prices.

Joel B.

Great service. Always do a great job keeping my car running well.

Paul H.

These guys always go above and beyond! Every one of them is committed to the cause. They search for the best deals, work with your warranty or insurance claims. I had an emission test issue and they even took it to the test to make sure it passed

Jamee L.

You let us know later in the day after we brought the car in, what needed repairs and the approximate cost. The car was ready for pick-up the next day.

Joanne B.

Went in for oil change and staff observed 2 tires were in need of replacement. Nothing needs improvement that I can see.

Wendy S.


Patrick W.

Excellent ease of scheduling and speed of service.

Carolyn B.

This is the only shop I will take my cars to. I was a ASE certified mechanic for 10 years. I am very picky about what I want done to my cars. Mike is an excellent service writer. Fair, honest, and trustworthy. Great mechanics who do it right the first time with no push to buy extras like over-priced wipers and filters (Jiffy, Sears, Firestone, etc...) You will need to book an appointment. Proper maintenance prevents equipment failure.

Neil T.

Very quick repair, good advice and driving service to and from shop.

Carole D.

J&C has been consistently good for the 28 years I have taken my car to their shop. It's been in business since the mid-50's so they must be doing something right! The work is done professionally, they listen to what you tell them, and the price is always reasonable.

John B.

I had a problem with my starter. They could have easily charged me quite a bit of money, but they took the time to investigate and honestly told me it was a fairly minor problem that cost less than $150. I trust these guys.

Chris C.

Always excellent service!

Tom L.

Our cars have been serviced by J&C in excess of 40 years. We have never had a problem with their work. Throughout the years we have referred our friends to them. They also have been satisfied. The staff is very friendly and professional.

Vince M.

No improvement possible or necessary..car broke down..had it towed to J&C Sunday night...got right on it and had it back Tuesday ....thanks.

Bob N.

Joe and Mike are the real deal. Genuine people that want to do a good job and take care of people.

Sam C.

Thorough inspection and honest recommendations without high-pressure sales tactics.

Rich D.

Honesty and excellent service.

Pete F.

As always, my car was serviced in a very short period of time and I was very satisfied with my new tires. Also the added follow up phone call to be sure I was satisfied is always a welcome additional service of J&C. They care about their customers.

Marmie M.

I routinely recommend J&C anytime car maintenance comes up in conversation. Trustworthy, dependable and friendly. I can't speak highly enough!

Kurt M.

Mike and staff are so helpful and kind! When I dropped my car off they made sure I had a ride home right away. They had Joey drive me home and he was super sweet! Love this place! Plus they do great work at a fair price!

Jennie R.

Easy to set appointments, good at keeping to forecast of time. Just keep on serving us this way.

James N.

As always, everything was great. They do what they say and any changes I get a phone call to let me know what is going on. Courtesy shuttle service is great.

Jim E.

Everything was great-thanks again! I appreciated you working with me on the part cost since they wouldn't honor the warranty. You are always up front with costs.

Cary A.

I received a ride home in the rain. Thanks Joe. Been a customer of J&C for 47 years. I have recommended J & C to many of their customers.

Thomas R.

Work was done promptly and I was kept updated about service. In and out as scheduled.

Cheryl M.

J & C Auto always provides excellent service. I have been a customer for many years.

Bob R.

I recommend giving them a chance to earn your trust, which is what they will do. They are upfront and I believe honest in repairs that need to be made. They understand that people don't have an unlimited amount of money to spend on their car, but have always been able to give me time estimates on how long I have until a repair crosses into the "need" category, allowing me time to budget for the expense. In no time at all, their friendliness will have you on a first name basis with them and their quality of work allows for peace of mind on the safety of everyone riding in your vehicle. I am very happy that I found a good mechanic that I can trust with my safety and my money.

Nancy B.

It is comforting to know; I do not have to worry at J&C, I drop it off, you fix it, I pay a fair price and life goes on. I like that. No extra stress to the process. Thanks everyone!

Adam A.

Getting the truck fixed is not my favorite thing to do, but the gang at J&C make it as painless as possible. They've always gone out of their way to make things easy for me, and have never over promised, giving me accurate and realistic cost and timelines.

Dan H.

The staff provides incredible service. From the office to the service technicians, they are top notch!

Mary B.

I felt that your service was excellent. The cost for repairs were fair. I was able to get my car in right away. I have recommended J&C to many people.

Pam C.

J&C was able to accommodate me last minute when my car broke down. Thank you!

Ruth N.

I like the ride service when I had to leave the car - is much appreciated.

Nancy G.

I enjoy the friendly service.

Lennie B.

It was a snow storm, my car was unexpectedly giving me problems. I drove into J&C with no appointment and they took care of me that day. My car was fixed and I was able to get home from work safely and confident that the job was done with expertise. So happy I found this service!

Marmie M.

I enjoy the friendly & helpful attitudes of all the staff.

Lennie B.

Always honest and accommodating. Willing to make sure you have a ride to and from their shop. Keep you updated as they fix your car. I have been going to J&C Auto for 25+ years. I highly recommend. The service is a 5 out of 5...best around.

Jeremy H.

J&C Auto Repair is exceptional and so is Mike, J&C's service adviser. I've owned a bunch of cars for more than 20 years and have dealt with many repair shops and service people. When I look back Mike has been the only one who stands out from the rest. He's friendly, knowledgeable, competent, and fair-minded. He's always busy, but not too busy to answer questions, give advice, or help with a car problem. Yes, this is his job, but he goes beyond the bland and basic yes-no routine so common in service industries. He's also a nice guy and an obvious asset to J&C. I have been a customer for about 10 years and it's Mike that brings me back. The entire J&C crew from mechanics to front-desk people are wonderful and my car repair experience has been highly satisfactory. I give J&C and its employees the highest possible rating for car repair and service. Keep up the exceptional work.

David T.

Quick, efficient and very reasonable cost.

John B.

Although very pleased with the service provided, I've had to stop back in a couple time for additional corrections.

Cheryl M.

Very satisfied with the professional care that is exhibited by all employees.

Vince M.

You guys are absolutely the best!!!

Kenneth S.

They took their time to try to find out what was wrong, and found the problem. They also took my car without an appointment, and I'm confident that the problem with my car was solved.

Joanne B.

Great service!

Amy R.

It is wonderful to have an established relationship with your business so that we felt comfortable in driving our disabled vehicle to your parking lot on a Saturday evening. We knew we would get a timely response from you, and we did.

Jane B.

J&C did it's usual outstanding job on my Toyota recently.

Joel C.

Keep up the great work and service!!

Tom L.

Once again, I am 100% satisfied with the service levels at J&C. I have been a customer for 10+ years and I can always rely on their honesty and great work. Super friendly staff with a hometown family atmosphere. I will never go elsewhere!!! A reliable & trustworthy mechanic is a hard find! I highly recommend J&C for all your automotive needs.

Veronica T.

Service is always good, honest and reliable.

Keith K.

I feel valued as a customer. Very pleasant welcome and waiting experience. Mike kept me informed of the progress.

Mary B.

When Fairview Auto closed, I searched for another trusted garage and found J&C. That was more than 2 years ago and I've been a happy customer ever since. They are reliable, dependable and don't over charge for repairs. My Subaru now runs great!

Carol C.

Everything is always great with the service provided by J&C. I wouldn't change a thing.

Diane M.

Really appreciate that the mechanic came to my house and tried to fix the car rather than just towing to the shop.

Patty L.

Everyone goes out of their way to provide friendly and professional service in a very timely manner. I so appreciate the courtesy rides to my home, especially in this "beasty" hot weather! Thanks!

Rosemary Z.

Another good experience with J&C. They help keep my older, high mileage car running and safe to drive.

Kevin D.

I believe you guys are trustworthy i.e. honest. You are very personable and pleasant. I like that you keep good records about my vehicles.

Linda S.

They keep you informed every step of the way. Provide pick up or take home service. Always professional.

James E.

Very honest, as always.

Jason L.

Mike is the best! The shuttle service is awesome, I'm not stuck waiting for my car. I will remain a loyal customer, and definitely recommend J & C.

Cindy C.

They always take good care of me.

Bill M.

Great Team!!!!!!

Trudy M.

You are the best!

Steve D.

Everyone there is knowledgeable and friendly and they always stand behind their work .

Terry B.

Thank you for your many years of service to keep my poor sick cars running.

Joan N.

Everyone there is knowledgeable and friendly and they always stand behind their work.

Bob N.

Very responsive and great customer service. We totally trust J and C with our cars and know they will do the best quality work. We always get options from them and trust them to do what is needed when it is needed.

Deb B.

Great work as always!

Eric F.

I have always appreciated the work at J and C but also those in charge. I am treated with respect and warmth. This particular visit I had a question about charges and Mike took the time and patience to work through the invoice with me. I left it completely satisfied...as I always am with their services.

Andy P.

We can always count on this shop to provide quality, honest work. They are extremely trustworthy, and have always completed the job at or below the original estimate. It's great to have a mechanic that we know is doing the best for us.

Chris K.

The service at J&C is great, they are honest, fair and very accommodating. The ride service is a big help as well. I have been taking my cars to J&C for years and will continue to do so in the future. I recommend them to all of my friends.

Wendy L.

J&C Team, As always, your service was excellent for the care of my daughter's old Ford Ranger. She is planning to keep that vehicle for several more years and feels confident she can do so ...given the great service J&C provides in helping her maintain it. Thank you.

Anita F.

Staff always pleasant. Easy to set appointment and, when necessary, good about arranging time for emergencies. Thanks for always being dependable and doing a great job!

Roberta C.

In all categories, J&C rates a 5. I come all the way from Chicago to get my truck looked at and repaired because I have never been disappointed in any way by them. You couldn't find a nicer more accommodating and competent group of people. When you find a service that goes beyond your expectations each and every time, you don't go to anyone else.

John D.

I have using J &C since we moved to DG, from Glen Ellyn a year ago. They are always straightforward with recommended repairs, and to my knowledge have not tried to sell me anything we don't need. They are always professional, and even check back with me even after simple maintenance to make sure as is well.

David H.

I have been using J@C auto for 30 years. They are the most honest and dependable auto shop I have known. Therefore the reason for using them for 30 years. Along with the excellant work, the staff is personable and easy to discuss problems with your car.

Grace S.

Good service and fair prices. Oil changes to major repairs. Fast towing and honest feedback. The one stop for our family for over twenty years. Thanks J & C.

Lee J.

Joe is the best. Upholding a strong tradition.

Rob R.

I would never go to anyone else but J&C Auto service to have any maintenance or repair work done on my car. They are so polite, offer a convenient pick up service and their workmanship is beyond reproach. And their estimates are always at or under their quotes and their prices are the most reasonable for the level of service they offer. They'll take great care of you!

Susan L.

You are always prompt and courteous whenever I need your service. Thank you.

Karen M.

J&C always provides choices for work to be performed

Deidre W.

Honest evaluation of what needed to be done. Prompt completion of work. We remain highly satisfied customers!

Michael F.

I liked the drop off and pick up. Bev was very nice and personal accommodating my needs. Mike was excellent. I appreciate the honesty and did not feel like I was being taking advantage of. Great experience. Very refreshing. Joe, Mike , Bev, thanks for the wonderful service and taking care of my car so fast. You made my experience totally awesome.

Edward A.

The guys spotted a burnt-out brake light and informed me of it (and then replaced it for me). I appreciated that they noticed it and let me know.

Bob P.

I TRUST J&C to fix only what needs to be fixed. That's it! At 54 (my age)I've had my share of car repair woes. It's comforting to have that behind me.

Craig K.

I have always had a good experience at J&C. The repairs they recommend are things you actually need and not extra stuff to increase your bill. And there's no pressure if you say you have to take care of something later.

Ashley G.

Great service as always. I appreciate the reliability, integrity and honesty provided by J&C Auto; they are my trusted adviser for all of my vehicle servicing needs.

Rick R.


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